EVO Jet (Orbit electronic : Germany)


EVO 90
本体重量 950g
推力    9.0Kg
回転  48,000~165,000rpm
直径  91mm
価格  340,000円(税別)
     ユーロ 133円時
 EVO 130
本体重量 1595g
推力    14.5Kg
回転  33,000~120、000rpm
直径  112mm
価格  390,000円(税別)
     ユーロ 133円時
   EVO 160
本体重量 1620g
推力    16.0Kg
回転  33,000~123,000rpm
直径  112mm
価格  440,000円(税別)
     ユーロ 133円時

価格 72,000円(税別)

価格 4200円(税別)

価格 8,500円(税別)
The Onboard micro EDT (Engine Data Terminal) is a handy programming and display unit, with a two-lined LCD for all Jetronic controllers. It is small and light weight and will be permanently mounted (e.g. with Velcro tape) in the plane or can also be detached for the flight. The Onboard micro EDT screen displays all actual data and allows quick setup programming at the model.

価格 20,000~25,000円(税別)

The 3D Vector unit is extremely low loss due to its integrated design. A wide control of the thrust angle allows extreme flight maneuvers and best flight control of the airframe.
  • Base weight 80/160 60 cm/23.6 "
    Eurosport: 490 g = 17.3oz
The SP300 smoke pump is suitable for Gbooster jet engines of all sizes and for gasoline engines with silencer as well. The integrated control electronics fits directly to the JETRONIC-Vx or any R/C receiver. It can easily be programmed by a push button.

Technical Data:
  • NiCd/NiMh/LiPo/Lion 7.4V / typ. 500mAh
    • Dim. LxD: 50 x 26 mm
    • Weight: 73g
価格  22,000円(税別)


価格 12、000~18,000円(税別)

For the airspeed measurement, a pitot tube (Prandtl type) and an electronic pressure sensor are used. The tube is mounted on the outside of the model in flight direction and the sensor is mounted inside the model. The two parts are connected via the included pieces of tubing.

Set contents:
  • Pitot tube (ready)
    • electronic pressure sensor
    • 50cm tubing 3 mm
    • Pitot mount with accessories
価格 18,000円(税別)

The Jetronic2USB PC-Interface connects all Jetronic controller to a Windows PC via the USB port. The included JetLog software allows the convenient logging and evaluation of measured data during your turbine tests. As well as free firmware/flash updates for your Jetronic-Vx or Jetronic-BOX.

Included items: Jetronic2USB PC interface harness, JetLog software (for Windows 95 or later).
価格 3,500円(税別)

Bob-Air trap ready and tested, 1 m (4 ft) 4 mm tubing, 1 m (4ft) 6 mm tubing, a Festo ball valve for refueling and two tube fittings 4/6 mm

  • Size: 120 x 63 x 63 mm
  • Volume: 320 ml
  • Weight: 60 g
  • 価格 7、200円(税別)
This solid fuel filter is optimized for the connection to 4-mm tubing

価格 1,500円(税別)


This special membrane fuel clunk guarantees a steady and bubble-free fuel flow to your jet engine regardless of your plane's attitude in flight.
  • Size: 18 mm Ø
    • Area: 490 mm²
    • Weight: 6 g
    • 価格 1,500円(税別)

  • This special membrane fuel clunk guarantees a steady and bubble-free fuel flow to your jet engine regardless of your plane's attitude in flight.

  • Size: 22.0 mm Ø
    • Area: 870 mm²
    • Weight: 11 g
    • 価格 1,600円(税別)
The strong electric motor is ready to use up to 2.2 l/min (78 oz./min).
Power supply:
  • NiCd/NiMh/lead battery 7-15 V / typ. 2 A Dimensions:
  • LxWxH: 100 x 45 x 60 mm
  • 価格 8,800円(税別)
This high-performance shut-off valve is designed for use with the Jetronic controller or the Smoke pump NA.
  • Weight: 18 g incl. lead
  • Orifice: 1.5mm
  • Power: 6 - 8 V / min. 200mA
  • Connector both QS-4 for 4mm tubing
  • Operating pressure: max. 8 bar
価格 6,800円(税別)
Turbine mount for Booster 130/160 made of light aluminum. Weight: 68g (2.4oz)

価格 5,000円(税別)
     ECU エンジンコントロールユニッ
The operation of your Booster-Turbine are supervised and monitored by the JETRONIC-Vx Engine Control Unit, which constantly sets all the operating parameters to the optimum values.

価格 28,000円(税別)
The fuel pump 300 is suitable for BOOSTER jet engines of all sizes. The electric motor is EMI tested and can pump up to 800 ml/min of Jet-A1 at 10V supplied voltage.

価格 18,000円(税別)

  • W x H x D: 50 x 35 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 24 g
  • Supply: 4,8 - 7V / ca. 20 mA
価格 14,000円(税別)